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Turtle neck top - New Look
Gold Pigeon Foot Necklace - Tessa Metcalfe
Belt - Charity shop
Culottes - Betty Jackson / Charity shop
Jeanine Boots - Miista

I found these amazing Betty jackson culottes in a charity shop a few weeks ago and I've been wearing them non stop! I originally thought they were a skirt until I tried them on at home. They seem to go with everything. Culottes are he perfect middle between a skirt and shorts. I find shorts can be too short for me, however culottes are the right length and feature a baggy style with a fitted high waist. 

I received this necklace from my boyfriend for Christmas and I was over the moon! I've been eyeing up Tessa Metcalfe's designs for a few months now and love her quirky, unusual pieces. Metcalfe is inspired by bird claws and casts from actual claws to create her pieces. Raw gems and crystals are big features alongside in oversized shapes, as well as metal contrasts and mixes of gold, silver and bronze. My next Tessa Metcalfe piece will have to be something that features a moonstone!

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  1. Best shorts ever <3 Rad print!

    - Anna

    1. Thank you! If you look at them too long they make your eyes go funny!


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