Highlite Platform Trainers by Jeffrey Campbell / Nasty Gal

£109.58, Nasty Gal

Seeing a child walking around with light up shoes always makes me jealous. It takes me back to when I had fun, admiring each step my feet would take, lighting up to the rhythm of my stride. I was sitting back wondering whether if I would one day be able to buy adult light up shoes, when I stumbled across these amazing shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. I'm not normally a Campbell fan, but these shoes are something special. The only problem I would have is being able to walk in a 5.5" platform. I struggle enough in my double Underground creepers, especially on cobblestones. They may be quite expensive for what they are especially as accidents could occur too frequently, but definitely worth it as they are so unique.

If you think the black stacked light up shoes are way too subtle, why not check out the rainbow version complete with multi colour lights. Perfect for bringing out your inner Rainbow Brite.

£109.58, Nasty Gal

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