Friday, 25 April 2014

Henry Burgers

Anything burger and hot dog related interests me greatly, especially when it's unique and unusual with ingredients. If you live in Southend you will know Henry Burgers, it has become the go to place for a satisfying lunch / dinner and wide variety of bottled beers. The place has been around over six months, transformed from the previous underground venue The Sunrooms.

I've had a few tasty burgers there before, but I noticed on their Facebook page they were selling an ultimate, unique burger for a limited time only: The Krispy Dreme burger. A beef patty, topped with american cheese, bacon and surrounded by an original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut instead of a bun. Wow this burger was amazing! I'm weird with bacon so I took it out and due to the size of the doughnut, the burger was small. Nevertheless the bun slightly melted to give off an amazing flavour combination of sweet and salty. I definitely the Krispy Dreme to anyone who likes to try new things!

If hot dogs are more your thing, I'd recommend the foot long I had at Henry Burgers the week before. Topped with fried onions, French mustard and ketchup, you need a big appetite to demolish the whole thing, as it's a whopper! I managed to finish two thirds, so I'm happy. A chilli dog is also on the menu, a foot long hot dog covered in slow cooked chilli, jalapeños and sour cream. The burgers and hot dogs are accompanied by a large portion of rosemary fries; but I would recommend getting a side of fried pickles with blue cheese dip, for something different. The beer selection here is amazing with a variety of Floris beers including, banana, mango, honey, strawberry/raspberry and coconut. The imported beers Blue Wave and Longboard from Kona Brewing Co, are amazing! 

Pay Henry Burgers a visit if you ever in Southend, or drool over their Instagram. :)

Monday, 21 April 2014

Liebster Award

If you are new to the Liebster Award (like I am too), it is a way of communicating and discovering new blogs from around the world. It is also a way of meeting new people and learning something new about like minded individuals. I've been kindly nominated by two lovely ladies with two amazing fashion blogs from different parts of the world. Firstly I was nominated by Sarah from I Come Undone and then shortly after by Maddie from Feeling Magenta. Thank you both for nominating me and sorry for posting the award so late!

The rules are as follows:

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the eleven questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give eleven random facts about you, they can be about anything.
4. Nominate eleven blogs you think that are deserving of the award (they must have under 200 followers)
5. Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.
6.Give them eleven questions to answer.

Sarah's Questions

1. What made you start your blog?
Whilst at uni, people used to say how much they loved my style and how I inspired them, so I decided to start a blog to document my outfits! Bang Blitz as my creative outlet showcasing my style, imagery, video and writing.

2. What are your top three beauty products?
£1 lipstick from Superdrug is just as good as Mac (in my opinion), Max Factor Master piece mascara and Mac Studio Fix powder / foundation compact.

3. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Something incredibly creative that involves video and motion graphics, with some element of fashion.

4. What is your favourite place you have ever visited?
I absolutely loved Meat Mission in Shoreditch. Perfect combination of amazing burgers, fried pickles and their own brewed beer set to a backdrop of gothic, graffiti style décor. I loved Germany too.

5. What are the most worn items in your wardrobe?
I'm not that in to bags so will use one until it literally falls apart, so currently I'm using a black one with gold hardware from Primark. My black leather Vagabond Dioon boots I wear everyday, as they are the most comfiest shoes and they haven't broken yet! I'm so hard wearing on shoes, they normally don't last long, but these boots are still in perfect condition!

6. Any fashion disasters you want to share with us?
I have a pair of crazy, faux fur moon boots in cream, I wore aged 13 and still have them. I've never been afraid to take risks with fashion. I remember wearing a pair of black patent, pointed ankle boots from Red Or Dead to work when I was 16 and everyone laughing at me, comparing me to the wicked witch in The Wizard Of Oz. Luckily I've never cared what people think of me, but people staring in the street is half the fun!

7. Any items in your wardrobe that you love but nobody else understand?
My boyfriend hates most of what I wear, but especially dislikes a jacket I made once. I took the arms from a faux fur jacket and sewed it on to the body of a leather jacket, but he used to call me the honey monster when I wore it. I quite liked it though!

8. What item are you currently lusting after? Link a photo.
Shoes from Miista! The site is total shoe porn for me! I want all four of them!

Rachel Mint
Ava Mint Speckle

Amber Black
Dee Pink

10. Something you have learnt recently?
I have learnt that I LOVE kripsy kreme burgers!

11. A pet peeve?
I have rude people and liars.

Maddie's Questions

1. What's the story behind your blog name?
I looked around my bedroom for inspiration and the first two words I saw were 'bang' and 'blitz'.

2. Where are your favourite places to shop?
Charity shops and I discovered Monki in Germany. Everytime I went in to Monki I found amazing things in the sales!!

3. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I think Antarctica is the most beautiful place in the world. I plan on taking an Antarctic cruise on my 30th birthday.

4. What is your 'go-to' outfit?
Black, chunky boots from Vagabond, any high waisted trousers, long sleeved polo neck, belt and gold earrings.

5.  What book(s) are you currently reading?
The book I'm currently reading will reveal my inner geekyness and love for exploring conspiracy theories! I'm reading 'The Ancient Alien Question' by Philip Coppens. It's based on the Ancient Alien show on the History Channel.

6. Who is your favourite fashion icon?
Penny Lane from the film 'Almost Famous'.

7. Coffee or Tea?
I'm incredibly indecisive, so both.

8. What are your plans for summer?
Hopefully book a holiday with my boyfriend, as we have never been away together and I've only ever been on three holidays in my entire life! Also go to Bestival in September.

9. What beauty product do you splurge the most on?

10. What is the last concern you've been to?
The White Lies 'Big TV' tour at the Roundhouse in Camden.

11. What do you look for in a blog?
Individuality, personality and opinion.

Eleven Random Facts About Me

1. My name is full name is Cassandra Ramkalia Bhairo.

2. I'm half Indian and English. Hardly anyone ever guess correctly, people normally think I'm Greek or Spanish.

3. I have British and Canadian dual nationality. I was born and lived in Toronto, Canada until I was 7, where I moved to England and have been here ever since.

4. I'm a qualified gym instructor.

5. My dad is from Guyana in South America and I hope to visit the country one day!

6. Many years ago I worked as a Club 18-30 rep for Thomas Cook in Faliraki, Rhodes in Greece.

7. I work as production assistant in a creative agency in London.

8. I graduated two years ago and studied Digital Film & Screen Arts at UCA in Surrey; experimenting with video art, installation, performance art and fashion film.

9. I'm a feminist and I hate the fact some women think of it as a 'dirty' word.

10. I took 6 bags of clothes to my nearest cash for clothes shop this weekend! But I still have too many clothes!

11. My niece is two years younger than me.

My Nominations

Hello and lovely to meet you my eleven nominees!

Wise Wardrobe

Style With Friends

The Velvet Epidemic

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A Pinch Of Petite


Colour Me In

The Fashion Haven

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Mariela Kelly

The Glitter Den

Questions For The Nominees

1. Why did you start your blog?

2. What are your passions?

3. What is your most prized possession?

4. Where do you think fashion will be in 30 years time? (e.g. design, technology, trends, publications etc.)

5. What is your dream career?

6. If you could learn something new, what would it be?

7. Describe the perfect shoes.

8. If you ruled the world, what would you do?

9. What's your favourite website you click on daily / frequently?

10. What was the last art exhibition you went to?

11. Where do you see your blog in 3 years time?

Thank you for nominating me Sarah and Maddie! Looking forward to seeing your posts bloggers!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Sample Sale Bargains!

T-shirt (mens) - Lazy Oaf 
Shoes - Miista

Two weeks ago, two of the most exciting brands of the moment held an unmissable sample sale in Dalston. Armed with little money, I managed to walk away with a tee I've always wanted and a bargain pair shoes! Amazing shoe brand Miista showcased their latest and past collection at discounted prices, including a large selection of sample shoes for £10. Luckily all the sample shoes were my shoe size 4! Keep that in mind for a future sample sale ladies!

I've always been a massive fan of Lazy Oaf. Their quirky cartoon inspired prints add humour to outfits and their designs are totally unique. I do love a pun and could spend all day laughing at 'twit' instead of Twix!

Miista snapped me for their street style feature on their blog too, check it out :)

Image from Miista

Friday, 4 April 2014

Dungarees & Sandals

Fluffy top - Primark
Dungarees - Monki
Sunglasses - Topshop
Snake arm band - Sanctos (Fancy Dress Shop)
Sandals - Vagabond

These dungarees may be a bit big for me but I love how oversized they are! I got them on sale in Monki in Germany and will probably taken them in at the waist. The arm band is from the fancy dress shop Sanctos in Southend and is part of my Cleopatra fancy dress outfit. I've always liked the arm band enough to wear it occasionally, something I prefer to bracelets. I find bracelets annoying as they get in the way and are easily lost; whereas arms bands if fitted properly, can stay put the whole day and add something different to your outfit. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Eden Conference / Southend Passionate Women

On a beautiful sunny morning in Southend-On-Sea, I attended a wonderful conference for Passionate Women in Southend two weeks ago at the Cliffs Pavilion. Vibrant and energetic, the passionate women warmly welcomed newcomers along with old faces to the first conference of it's kind to the seaside town. Started by ambitious founder Adriana, Southend Passionate Women meet up on a monthly basis to inspire, collaborate, celebrate and support each other. The Eden conference was pulled together successfully in two months and was an action packed day full of motivation, personal stories and workshops.

After song and dance to Yolanda Adams' 'I Believe', the conference kicked off with the uplifting poem 'Passionate Women' by poet Susan Giles. Author Kym Cifti gave an inspirational talk on the dangers of fear overshadowing confidence and business woman Jill Poet spoke about the role of women and believing in yourself to create positive changes, inspired by Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.

One of my favourite talks of the day was by activist Anna Heim, who educated us on the beginnings of the women's rights movement and the transitional changes that occurred as a result. One unbelievable thing I learnt, is that women were refused to be served at pubs in England at the beginning of the 1980s!!!

Blogger Jamillah Yoozooph gave an interesting talk on living a life of minimalism; something I've been thinking of ever since. Jamillah's personal journey to finding minimalism after her materialist ways, made me realise that my own hoarding is masking a potential void. Therefore I plan on completely cleansing my possessions of things I do not need or have worn in the past year. I have too many clothes I have built up over the years from bargain hunting; edgy tops I have never worn from sales, various blouses from charity shop hunts and stacks of cheap jewellery that have turned silver / green. What's the point of keeping things that are taking up precious space or filling a void in your life? Read more about minimalistic living on Jamillah's Bare Beginnings blog.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Warehouse Fashion Shooters Festival

Last weekend I headed down to Brick Lane for the Warehouse Fashion Shooters festival in association with Elle Magazine. The free festival required a ticket that was either received in the post or by email, also containing tokens for making your own t-shirt and food by The Wandering Chef. There were various activities inspired by the festival theme of fashion and photography, with music provided by stylish DJ Whinnie Williams. There was a pop up gallery by my old uni UCA which was sponsored by Polaroid, who provided students with the latest instant camera to produce photographs for the exhibition. The first thing I did was create my own flick book which was also printed out and stapled together for you. With the backdrop of a city landscape, I waved my arms around!

I managed to get my nails painted by nail art legends Wah nails and even though I had to queue for a few hours it was worth it in the end! My nails and eyes even made an appearance on the Wah Instagram! Whilst bored in the queue, I shot the general atmosphere at the festival and created the highlights video above. There was only an hour left of the festival once I had got my nails painted and I was knackered. I didn't want to join another long queue to get my hair styled by Tony & Guy or to create my own t-shirt; so I swapped my food token for a wild mushroom tart and a shot of oreo milkshake then headed home. 

Hat - H&M
Fluffy crop top - Primark
Coat - Primark
Jeans - Levi's / Charity shop
Tights - New Look
Sandals - Vagabond