Top Outfits of 2014

Welcome to 2015! This is the time of year in early January to look back at the past year at how much has changed. Gathering together my favourite looks of 2014 on Bang Blitz I have seen a change in my personal style. Although still a little kooky, I seemed to have moved away from the full on randomness and clash of prints, to a more subtle, grown-up put together look. What do you think? 

It probably is just me, but I feel a little older and wiser. I only buy things if I really am going to wear them and it goes with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. I sorted out the abundance of clothes in my wardrobe in April and donated 6 black bags to the Cash For Clothes shop, that gives you money for your unwanted items to send to third world countries. Apparently there's a need for bras, so I would send your old bras down there to help someone in need. You can never underestimate the need for good support.

I would say 2014 was the year I fell deeply and madly in love with Miista shoes. If your crazy enough not to have seen their shoes before, please take a look. Dreamy! Saving up for a pair of Miista shoes has made me realise that expensive shoes are actually worth it. Cheap ones don't last long especially if your hard wearing on shoes like me. Vagabond are my other must have brand, providing me with amazing customer service this year alongside designing gorgeous 90's style boots. Everyone needs a Dioon boot in their shoes collection.

Choosing my favourite outfits from 2014, there's only a few missing below seeing as I'm so indecisive. I have put them in order from January to December so you can see for yourself the change in my style. Also check out my Top Outfits of 2013 to see a complete evolution of my personal style from the past two years.

How was your year for outfits in 2014? Has your style changed? I'm keen to know if anyone else's personal style has changed too!

Top Outfits - January to December 2014

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  1. Love this post I am now saving for a pair of Miista shoes because of your blog :)

    1. We should go to their next sample sale together!

  2. red velvet dress and Dark Tailoring - my favorites <3

  3. These are great picks <3 I love all of these, but that first one really hits especially. Awesome textures!

    - Anna


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