I hope you had a Fabulous Christmas! Here's to a Happy New Year!

How was your Christmas this year? I hope your bellies are bloating out with excessive consumption of chocolate, mince pies and mulled wine! I have eaten too many extreme sour sweets on a daily basis that my tongue is slightly swollen. But that's the best thing about the festive season, everyone is a pig together!

Do you have some big plans for tonight? Dressing up for a glamorous evening or watching the fireworks on telly? I will be using my EE Wednesdays code to watch the new Exodus: Gods and Kings film at the Odeon and gorging on 2 for 1 dough balls at Pizza Express. I'm boring these days, I prefer nice food over a drinking session any day!

Whatever you are doing tonight have fun tonight and celebrate the 2015 with a bang!

(Here's some photos of my experimentation with my new Lomo'Instant camera I got for Christmas, with Fuji Instax Mini film!)

Purple and yellow colour splash with multiple exposure (didn't turn out too well)
Double Exposure
Purple colour splash and double exposure
(I have a Noel Fielding / Bruce Willis chin in this one haha)

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  1. The photos look awesome!! I got an Instax Mini for Christmas, but having a lomo instant camera would be so cool as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you! I have the Instax Wide camera but it broke this year, I do love instant photography!


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