Black Texture Mix

Hat - H&M
Polo neck top - Charity shop
Dress - Charity shop
Coat - Primark
Boots - Vagabond

I've always wanted one of these floppy style hats and decided to buy myself one in Germany from H&M. Made from pure wool, the hat only cost me 17euros! Having a small child-like head, I've always found hats difficult to wear, with this hat being no exception. My mother gave me her great great grandmother's hat pin she found recently, to keep my hat secure when the wind blows. Otherwise it would be impossible to wear outside with the crazy weather we've been getting recently. The pin is extremely sharp and I've grazed my scalp a few times! I've never seen a hat pin before, they should start selling them in every shop! (Unless they already are sold in shops and I'm very behind!)

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  1. Super awesome pics :)
    Over cool outfit


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