Denham Psycho Film / Fashion Remake of American Psycho

If you've seen the classic film 'American Psycho', you may remember Christian Bale's character Patrick Bateman; a man with a psychotic secret. In particular the infamous business card scene, where Patrick slowly trickles off the edge as a battle of the best cards is unleashed in the boardroom. This scene inspired director Hugo Keijzer to create a modern creative remake for denim brand Denham. The short film 'Denham Psycho' is cleverly executed, showing the aftermath of a denim show off between bearded creatives. Subtle attention to details such as washes, fades, fit and stitching are displayed to show the craftsmanship of a pair of Denham jeans. Produced by award winning agency Flickering Wall, the film premièred in Berlin at the 'Blue Yard' Denham pop-up store in January.

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