Pie & Vinyl / Record Cafe, Portsmouth UK

Nestled away down south in Portsmouth, a uniquely charming record shop / cafe has caught my eye. Being a huge vinyl enthusiast and lover of food, the idea that the two have been moulded together in my opinion is the best idea ever. Offering every kind of pie you can think of from venison and bacon to wild mushroom and asparagus, there's something for suit every taste check out the menu. Vintage antiques and vinyl artwork decorate the shop, which boasts a dedicated wall showcasing the Pie and Vinyl's collection of music posters. The shop specialises in new artists and stocks new music released within the past two years in a variety of formats including of course, vinyl, as well as providing a space for local bands to perform. I have already started planning a trip to Portsmouth in the summer, just so I can visit this amazing little place.

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