James Blake - 'Overgrown' / Music Video

'Overgrown' is the latest single to be taken from James Blake's album of the same name. Moody and powerful, the song beautifully takes you on a journey through sadness with Blake's amazing voice. The stunning cinematography adds to the atmospheric quality of the video, complimenting the song. The movements of the cloaked figures remind me of black crows flapping their wings, possibly representing death as they follow Blake throughout the video. The ending shot pans out to show Blake standing on a cliff, looking out on to the angry scenery of crashing waves and dark clouds ahead. Beautiful.

To listen to the first single 'Retrograde' or buy the album visit James Blake's website.

The video was directed by Nabil Elderkin, who is a photographer / director who creates visuals in various mediums for a broad variety of subjects. I recommend looking in to his work as he is an incredibly talented creative.


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