Leather and Mustard

Marl grey crop top - Topshop
Black polo crop top - Topshop
Leather pencil skirt - Charity shop
Gold chain - Peacocks
Cross necklace - Topshop
Mustard socks - Topshop

I found the most amazing things on my recent trip to a charity shop! This real leather pencil skirt still had Marks and Spencer tags on and only cost £2.50. This find made my week! I've always wanted a leather pencil skirt but they cost on average £100 on the high street, which my budget unfortunately doesn't stretch to. Recently I've realised that I've been wearing too much black, which is normally unlike me. The weather could have been influencing my choices or even the Monochrome trend, either way I'll be making an effort to brighten up my looks. Maybe if I dress for summer, the sun will come out?!

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