Basement Jaxx Go Back To The Wild / Music Video

Funky and fun, the new track 'Back To The Wild' from Basement Jaxx, is a while in the making from the dance duo. Kaleidoscopes of colour dominate the visuals and could possibly cause epileptic seizures from the hectic clashes of print. Veiled tigers, rotating rocks and munching monkeys are but a few of the many interesting animations that provide the backdrop for the singers and dancers. The contrasting patterned videos rotoscoped on the dancers' bodies, provided a nice touch to the lively video. Glitter jelly chin guards cover the singers' faces, almost as if they are sporting jelly shoes for the face; an interesting concept.

Inspired by the acid brights and animal prints of the video, embrace the wild in your wardrobe. Just as Basement Jaxx exclaims at the end, 'Come on, let the nature in.'

House Of Holland Silk Tie-Dye Shirt, £200, Urban Outfitters

Purrfect Shorts, £55, Lazy Oaf

Bait Dress, £40, Ragged Priest

Kid 'N' Play Tee, £30, Urban Outfitters

Pink and Orange Ombre Socks, £15, Bitching and Junkfood

Anerkjendt 5-Panel Cap in Leopard Print, £20, Urban Outfitters

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  1. LOVE that shirt from urban outfitters!
    S xx


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