Michael Phelps and Louis Vuitton / Core Values Ad Campaign / Annie Leibovitz

The most decorated Olympiad of all time will continue to bathe in the spotlight after Louis Vuitton revealed the latest model for their Core Values ad campaign. Michael Phelps is seen laying provocatively in a bath tub with his toned upper body teasing the water, while a Louis Vuitton holdall is seen next to the bath tub, full of simming gear. The campaign was shot by renown photographer Annie Leibovitz who has successfully captured the essence of Phelps' sexuality, which is something you rarely get to see in the pool.
Olympic gymnast Larisa Latynina who is photographed with Phelps, originally held the title for the most career medals with a total of 18 including 9 golds. After the 2012 London games Phelps over took her, now with a grand total of 18 including 9 golds. Two of the most celebrated, greatest athletes have been brought together for the first time in the campaign, linking 'greatness' to the legendary Louis Vuitton brand.

The Core Values campaign focuses on 'real' people meaning celebrities rather than models, in real situations; inlcuding many famous faces such as Angelina Jolie, Francis and Sofia Coppola, Nobel prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev and most recently Muhammad Ali with his four year old grandson.

It's interesting seeing an athlete in a fashion campaign as it shows them in a different light, behaving in a way we wouldn't expect. I never would have thought I would see Michael Phelps in a suit, especially in a Louis Vuitton suit. Just goes to prove, anyone can be made to look good in a fashion campaign.

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