Wilderness Festival 2015/ Outfit #3

Playsuit - Rare @Topshop
Denim Jacket - Monki / Customised
Sequins - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Chain bag - New Look
Alexa Boots - Caterpillar @ TK Maxx

The evening of day 2 kicked off with the Merfolk and Mariners theme, on the evening on Bjork headling! The dress I originally bought to wear suited Sunday's theme of soverigns better, so I threw on this colourful scale print playsuit by Rare from Topshop. I bought this on sale a few weeks ago for £15! I'm quite short so the crotch falls beneath where it should on me, but I like the baggy relaxed style. I had to wear a belt round my waist to stop the deep low cut flapping open and revealing my chest! I customised the black denim jacket from Monki, by sewing holographic purple, turquoise and transparent sequins to the back and front pockets. I also jazzed up the collar by adding black feathers, all bought from my local haberdashery shop.

I brought plenty of sequins with me from Topshop in Vision, which features blue, turquoise, purple, silver and holographic colours. I also bought Topshop face glue to apply the sequins everywhere! The glue didn't react to my sensitive skin which was nice.

Watching Bjork headline the mainstage was an unforgettable experience! The visuals and light show complimented her songs, using the beats and instruments to flow along with her vocals. Stand out tracks included 'Lion Song' from Bjork's latest album, featuring visuals of a robotic body writhing behind her. If you've seen the music video, it's similar to the black dancing body and probably my favourite performance of the set. Bjork's 'Army of Me' was a crazy experience featuring visuals of wasps and hard hitting white lights that pulsed along to the chorus, almost like the wasps were stinging as the lights pulsed. I was a little freaked out yet mesmerised by this!

During one of the tracks (I can't remember which one), beautiful bright pink fireworks stormed from the stage, followed by gold glitter bangers that looked so breathtaking. I've never seen such amazing fireworks before. I feel lucky to have experienced Bjork live, being the dramatic performer she is and the attention to detail that she uses to create her live shows. From her red ensemble, to the visuals, lights and fireworks, each piece compliments her music without taking away from her unique vocals. if you ever get the chance to see Bjork live, don't hesistate to book, it will be worth every second.

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