Fixers / Life's Too Short For Ordinary Holidays

Searching for holidays can be quite boring. If you're anything like me, I seek adventure and to discover the unknown. When my boyfriend suggests holidays, he expects sunshine and lounging by the pool, doing nothing but reading books with a cocktail in each hand. I have to give in and take these holidays, when really I expect more than just sunshine.

I discovered Fixers a while back whilst searching for something different. Fixers are a new travel company, aimed at people who think life's too short for ordinary holidays. Browsing the holidays on offer, I was swept away with the idea of a trip to Transylvania, exploring Dracula's castle and quaint villages. Camping trips in the Sahara desert and yoga retreats in Morocco, theres just so much to do so why take a boring holiday to Europe to lie by the pool each day?

I'm planning on taking a Fixers trip next year, but before then I'm taking a 'boring' holiday in September, no doubt I will try to fill it with as much activities and excitement as possible! Check out Fixers beautifully shot videos to gain a sense of the experience that awaits you.

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