Berlin City Break Style Challenge / Competition with Travel Supermarket

I've been lucky enough to be one of ten bloggers chosen for the City Break Style Challenge by travel comparison site Travel Supermarket. The challenge is to style for a mini city break using a capsule wardrobe that will all fit in to a hand luggage case. This sounds quite tricky seeing as I'm someone who always packs too much for a week holiday! The capsule wardrobe must consist of two day and two evening looks, that reflect the culture and overall vibe of the city that is chosen for each specific blogger. The architecturally cool and minimalistic Berlin was chosen for me and I was extremely happy by this, as I adore Germany!

The competition will be judged by celebrity stylist Nicole Smallwood who has over 13 years experience in the fashion industry. Nicole will be looking for style, functionality and fashion; the ability to mix and match current trends within a capsule wardrobe. Let's hope I've achieved these things, I would love to hear you thoughts!

Berlin Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalism and structure are two words that instantly spring to mind when thinking of Berlin style. The city is a metling pot of various sub-cultures that draw influence from the laid back vibes and forward thinking attitudes of German culture. I've only visited the German town of Leipzig, however I spend hours every month researching the city as I would one day love to move permanetly to Berlin.

The capsule wardrobe I have created is inspired greatly by Bauhaus, (the renown German art school movement that produced some of the gteatest art and architecture.) Simple monochrome is easiest to wear for both day and night, along with pops of colour in the pink holographic brogues, green skirt, red lipstick and green bag.

The mini wardrobe also features trends such as the 70's bohemium, military khaki, minimalism and monochrome.

Day look - 1

The laid back Berlin style is reflected in the city's love for flat shoes, in particular trainers. I'm not someone who wears trainers, so have chosen a pair of comfy brogues that have taken me on day trips throughout London.

The cheesecloth top embodies the bohemium summer vibe, which is light enough for warm Berlin weather, yet covers the body incase of a downpour. The 70's trend is carried through in the round blue sunglasses and boyfriend style Levi's denim.

Small gold details complete the look; the thin gold earcuff and the hardware on the backpack. The coat is optional as with all looks, depending on the weather!

Evening look - 1

The all black evening look is laid back, which reflects my own non-glam style as well as the vibe of the German culture: relaxed and all about the details. The look features clean lines and minimalism in the form of the longline top and the layering element. The accessories add colour; the green bag, the gold necklace, the gold earcuff, the glitter buckle heels and the red lipstick.

The best thing about this evening look, is the fact that it's adaptable. The longline top can be styled in various ways; the front half tucked in completely, both long halves tied together around the waist or the front half draped back over the shoulder. The possibilities are endless!

Day look - 2

The second day look embraces layering and different hem lines, with the mini skirt and longline top. The tights make this an easily adaptable day or travel look, that can be adjusted with the removal of the tights or coat depending on the weather.

The brogues add comfort, style and colour along with the sunglasses for hiding hangovers the next day. The backpack is roomy enough to pack your essentials, including your camera when you've finished snapping the sights. The double layer earrings are small enough to be worn day or night, but offer just enough sparkle to be noticed in the look. Heavy jewellery is probably not ideal when spening hours on your feet, soaking up the German culture!

Evening look - 2

Seventies meets military in the last of the evening looks. The olive khaki wrap skirt dresses up the cheesecloth top, for a carefree look that's good enough for dancing in!

Pops of colour are added in the bright green bag, that also bring out the gold detailing in the chain, gold necklace, mesh ring and double layer earrings. The black buckle heels toughens up look and adds a dressy element.

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