Menswear Trends / French Riviera with House of Fraser*

Blazer and Shirt - Reiss
Shorts* - Calvin Klein @ House of Fraser
Pocket Square - Richard James
Boat shoes - River Island
Watch - Rolex

With Spring on it's way, I thought I would take the time to focus on something a bit different. I've always admired my boyfriend, Nathan's style; simplistic and minimal when casual, yet looks equally dashing in a tailored outfit. House of Fraser asked me to share my thoughts on the latest menswear trends and being a big lover of mens fashion, I'm keen to explore the most exciting trend hitting the street this summer.

The French Riviera trend is a popular look that keeps reappearing over the years, due to the laid back, sun soaked vibes of the trend. It's pretty easy to pull off, as long as you get the essential pieces right and pull it together with accessories.

Originating from the sun soaked elegance of the south of France, French Riviera is the result of the clashing of sun bathing and sporting activities during the 1920s and 1930s. Water based sports such as yachting mixed with the hot weather, influenced the look in the form of linen shirts, tailored shorts and boating shoes. Light colours rule in the sunshine such as whites, beiges and pastels, which have a cooling effect compared to the heavy tailored fabrics of colder climates. Tailoring is the key element for nailing this look, along with choosing the right colours. Anything in light, pastel or navy and you're on to a winner.

Breton stripes are also a key element that can be incorporated in to your French Riviera look. Having roots dating back to the uniforms of the French Navy, the breton stripe is a staple among the everyday style of the French and Riviera jet set. A simple breton striped t-shirt or jumper is good to have in your wardrobe whether you are dressing for the Riviera sun, casual drinks with friends or work wear.

Casual elegance is what embodies the French Riviera look, being able to look more glamorous than you are without having to blow the bank!

The essential pieces are:

- Short or long sleeve linen shirt / white or pastel shades

- Short sleeved polo shirt / white, navy, pastel, Breton stripes

- T-shirt or long sleeved top / white, navy, pastels or Breton stripes

- Tailored shorts that are cut off or rolled up above the knee / navy, pastel, beige or white

- Chinos / white, beige, pastels, navy

- Blazer for throwing on in the evening / light fabrics in white, beige, pastels, navy

- Boating shoes, espadrilles, suede loafers, leather sandals if you're  brave enough

Accessories are key:

- Leather belt in brown /  to break up the light and pastel shades

- Pocket square to add a dash of contrasting colour

- Light straw hats / panama and fedora hats for shading against the heat.

- Sunglasses to add a layer of French cool /  smart sleek styles

- A fine airy scarf is optional alongside a gold watch.

Dress like your holidaying in Cannes or Monte Carlo this summer, even if you can't make it there!

*This post has been a collaborative feature.

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