Floral & Unknown Pleasures

T-shirt - Ebay
Kimono - Primark
Jeans - Primark
Panther necklace - Avon
Dioon boots - Vagabond
Lipstick - 'All About Me' Topshop

I do hate it when people wear band t-shirts, having no idea who the band is. You can rest assure that not only do I adore Joy Division, but have been a long time fan since before the 'unknown pleasures' wave print became a trend a while back. People do tend to quiz me on the band whenever I wear the t-shirt, which I think is quite funny. Almost as if they are trying to prove my worth for wearing iconic art work. 

Would you wear a t-shirt with a band you've never listened to? Whether you would or not, either way you shouldn't care what people think about how you dress. Express yourself and listen to Joy Division if you haven't already. Oh and watch Control if your fascinated.

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  1. I love this outfit. The kimono is gorgeous. Oh and it's extra great thanks to the Joy Division shirt!

    I hate people that start interrogating you if you're wearing a band t-shirt - it drives me mad. I wouldn't mind if it were clear that they were trying to be nice and chat about the band, but people have asked me before and come up with a really sceptical look when I haven't even started answering! Luckily, I only ever wear a band t-shirt if I know every single song because I'm paranoid that someone will quiz me. Years on Tumblr taught me to never wear a band t-shirt with minimal knowledge hahahah. And, in all fairness, if someone is wearing a band t-shirt and they don't even know a single song, I can be a bit judgemental (oops haha).

  2. It also annoys me when especially young kids wear band T-shirts and "It smells like the only Nirvana song you know" haha! But what's even more irritating is 12-year-old kids wearing Jack Daniel's tees! Because it's so trendy and so 'mature'!
    I even stopped wearing my JD T-shirt because I don't want to be considered with those posers... ;)
    but sometimes I do wear my Depeche Mode T-shirt and I really love it and I'm not afraid of being questioned because I know every single song and lyrics and all :D
    You look really great, I'd weat your outfit too, I'm crazy about Joy Division <3


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