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When an email from the Byron Burger's Byron Burger Club popped in to my inbox offering a sneak preview of their new burger, I was very excited. Every three months Byron reveals a new special burger to compliment their classic menu. This time Byron revealed they were bringing back the B-Rex burger, a special that happens to be the most popular. I didn't actually try the B-Rex last year so I was anticipating something extra special.

The B-Rex was inspired by Byron's head chef Fred's first memory of his first ever hamburger, which will now be included in a new 'Classic Specials' menu from the 3rd March. Other favourite special burgers making up the new menu include Le Smokey and Chilli Queen.

Anyone can join the Byron Burger Club, by entering your email address on the Byron Burger website. As a free member, you're the first to hear of upcoming specials and the chance to try the burger a week early for free. You have to be on the ball with getting the free ticket though, as the tickets normally go within 2 minutes of going live!

I managed to get a ticket for the Spitalfields restaurant as it's close to my work place and arrived expecting queues; but was pleasantly surprised that it was empty considering Byron gave away 3000 tickets for one night only. When the B-Rex burger arrived it looked like a monster, piled high with yummy fillings I had trouble taking a bite! The B-Rex is a 6oz hamburger topped with a giant onion ring, bacon, jalapeños, American cheese, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.

All the toppings together were a great combination, but it was the American cheese and BBQ sauce which were the best. There's something about American cheese that make burgers taste so good! The BBQ sauce gave the burger a tangy taste, the jalapeños a small does of spicy kick and the onion ring a nice crunch with every bite. Although it was a great tasting burger, I feel that it lacked something special to really set it off. I would definitely recommend trying this burger, but I feel the Shady beats the B-Rex; I just can't get over the crispy cheese offering from the Shady.

60z hamburger topped with an onion ring, bacon, jalapeños, American cheese, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise

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Although it was a great burger, it didn't compare to the previous two guest burgers I've tried at Byron BurgerThe Shady was an unbeatable burger filled with crispy cheese!


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