IKEA 'The Joy of Storage' / The Wonderful Everyday Campaign

The Swedish furniture maestros IKEA have brought in the New Year with their latest 'The Wonderful Everyday' campaign. Featuring a flock of adorable t-shirts (they just seem so cute to me!) who are travelling the globe through icy waters and vast terrain to find a comfy new home. Created by agency Mother London and directed by Dougal Wilson who creates epic music videos that have inspired me, for the likes of Goldfrapp and Jarvis Cocker. Wilson has also directed some of the most loved adverts of the past few years, including the recent #MontyThePenguin advert for John Lewis and the dancing Pony advert for mobile brand Three.

The advert features great visual effects which were probably a mix of physical and digital techniques. I love watching a video and trying to figure out how they created something. In the end, the flock of t-shirts find their home in the new IKEA PAX storage system. It just goes to show, that t-shirts love a nice comfy wardrobe. I feel sorry for my t-shirts haha!

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