The Trailer For The Trailer Of The 'Jurassic World' Film

Jurassic Park is back!

It's been revealed this week, that Steven Spielberg has rebooted the Jurassic Park franchise by revealing the trailer for the trailer for the new Jurassic World film. I'm not quite sure if the trailer needs a trailer, but I suppose it's creating as much hype as possible for the well loved 90's dinosaur franchise. Directed by Colin Trevorrow and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, the film also stars Guardians Of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt, adding a bit of eye candy alongside the dinosaurs. The film isn't out until next summer, leaving with us with an unfortunate long wait! The Jurassic Park World movie trailer is out this Thursday 27th and it's bound to be the most exciting this you watch this week.

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  1. This look so so good!
    Excitement is kicking in
    S xx


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