Schoolgirl Blues

Shirt - Charity shop
Dungarees - Vintage
Boots - Vagabond

I thought I'd add something different to my style post, by including similar items to my outfit. Seeing as I buy most things from charity shops! Ha ha! These suede dungarees are my favourite ones I own; I actually found them in a bag under my stairs a year ago! The bag was my sister's and was full of clothes from the early 90's, as she's 15years older than me. I found some amazing stuff! I got this coat from a charity shop a few weeks ago and it's keeping me warm during the random cold, rainy spells we have been getting recently. It's big for me but I think it works?! The Debenhams bag sets off the monochrome look nicely, and reminds me of a dark slightly gothic school girl look!

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  1. The coat defo works, I love oversized. I got one that's to big as well but it's my go to coat because it makes any outfit look even better :). Plus it was £2:50 so I wear it with a fat smile.


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