Mermaid Shoes & Career Life

Chunky, mint, lilac, buckled and 90's inspired. These beautiful shoes landed on my doorstep yesterday, after many months lusting for them I could finally afford to buy them! These Miista Rachel shoes represent alot to me. I was able to buy these with my first pay check from my first full time paid job after a year and a half of freelancing and interning for free. Yes, I interned for that long and had to stick out a crappy part time job just to barely cover travel expenses and bills. It massively sucked entering in to a graduate world where I found out: a paid job was like finding a needle in a haystack. If only they told me this at uni and provided me with career advice, life would have been a bit easier! What made it worst was that I didn't know what I wanted to do and I still don't to be honest! 

But it's ok not to pinpoint a direct career path, you have to do things to find out whether they are right or wrong for you. I know my path will be something to do with creative video and fashion; but who knows where the next few years will take me? I have undertaken various internships, learning and experiencing new things along the way and in various industries. My experience includes magazines, newspaper, PR agencies, brands and creative agencies as well as freelancing at LFW, festivals and abroad to name a few; which not only lead to building up your confidence but your life experience too. When times are tough and you can't afford to go out or buy clothes, think of the things you have experienced or are experiencing whilst interning or freelancing. You may be at a red carpet event, trying to squeeze a tiny dress over a model's bum, neatly packing gorgeous clothes or shooting at a festival; either way remember to have fun along the way. Working hard does pay off in the end and never lose sight of your goals. Remember to treat yourself with beautiful shoes when you can too!

The best thing I learnt at uni, is also the best advice I can give: 'If you don't ask you don't get.'

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  1. cute :)

  2. Oh my god these are amazing!! Major shoe envy!


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