Lazy Oaf & Miista Sample Sale Bargains!

T-shirt (mens) - Lazy Oaf 
Shoes - Miista

Two weeks ago, two of the most exciting brands of the moment held an unmissable sample sale in Dalston. Armed with little money, I managed to walk away with a tee I've always wanted and a bargain pair shoes! Amazing shoe brand Miista showcased their latest and past collection at discounted prices, including a large selection of sample shoes for £10. Luckily all the sample shoes were my shoe size 4! Keep that in mind for a future sample sale ladies!

I've always been a massive fan of Lazy Oaf. Their quirky cartoon inspired prints add humour to outfits and their designs are totally unique. I do love a pun and could spend all day laughing at 'twit' instead of Twix!

Miista snapped me for their street style feature on their blog too, check it out :)

Image from Miista

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  1. Major tshirt envy! I also love what you wore to the event!

  2. Really cool T-shirt!


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