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Anything burger and hot dog related interests me greatly, especially when it's unique and unusual with ingredients. If you live in Southend you will know Henry Burgers, it has become the go to place for a satisfying lunch / dinner and wide variety of bottled beers. The place has been around over six months, transformed from the previous underground venue The Sunrooms.

I've had a few tasty burgers there before, but I noticed on their Facebook page they were selling an ultimate, unique burger for a limited time only: The Krispy Dreme burger. A beef patty, topped with american cheese, bacon and surrounded by an original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut instead of a bun. Wow this burger was amazing! I'm weird with bacon so I took it out and due to the size of the doughnut, the burger was small. Nevertheless the bun slightly melted to give off an amazing flavour combination of sweet and salty. I definitely recommend the Krispy Dreme to anyone who likes to try new things!

If hot dogs are more your thing, I'd recommend the foot long I had at Henry Burgers the week before. Topped with fried onions, French mustard and ketchup, you need a big appetite to demolish the whole thing, as it's a whopper! I managed to finish two thirds, so I'm happy. A chilli dog is also on the menu, a foot long hot dog covered in slow cooked chilli, jalapeƱos and sour cream. The burgers and hot dogs are accompanied by a large portion of rosemary fries; but I would recommend getting a side of fried pickles with blue cheese dip, for something different. The beer selection here is amazing with a variety of Floris beers including, banana, mango, honey, strawberry/raspberry and coconut. The imported beers Blue Wave and Longboard from Kona Brewing Co, are amazing too!

Pay Henry Burgers a visit if you ever in Southend, or drool over their Instagram. :)

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