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The future is nearly upon us. Technology of the imagination, which has been featured in science fiction novels, films and TV shows ever since H. G. Wells penned the first book of the genre; is now a reality. The global corporation Google, king of the internet and purveyors of personal information snatching, have developed 'Glass'. It is a device that improves the user's social media experience as well as being able to access important information on the go. Photos and videos can be shot and recorded live by the simple process of asking the glasses to do it for you. For example, 'Glass, start recording video' or 'Glass upload the photo on Twitter'. The device looks like a pair of regular lens less glasses, with a rectangular piece of glass positioned on the upper section of the right eye. The revolutionary design comes in an array of colours such as tangerine, cotton, sky, charcoal and shale. Even the names of the colours have been chosen to sound revolutionary.

Capturing memorable spontaneous moments that would otherwise be impossible, Glass offers a different perspective on life. For this reason alone, the technology seems like a good idea. What I find worrying; are Google able to access your own personal Glass? Could they pass on the information infront of your eyes to monitor you and your actions? It could be like having your own personal CCTV on  front of your face. This information could be accessed to anyone with permission, such as the police or anyone who figures out how to hack the device.

Google seem to be involved with many projects presently; books, technology and the internet. I recently saw the trailer for the upcoming film 'The Internship' featuring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson; who apply for an internship at the Google headquarters in California, after their business goes bust. Based on the trailer, it seems like one long Google advert. Come work for us, not only are we a powerful international company set on world domination, we sit on colourful bean bags and drive Sedge way's. I'm currently writing this on a 'Google Nexus 7' tablet. They truly are everywhere.

To experience the future of Glass click here.

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