Roasted Figs and Moroccan Salmon

Honey roasted figs on a bed of rocket and prosciutto with balsamic glaze and parmesan shavings

Moroccan salmon with lemon couscous

Last Saturday I celebrated my first anniversary with my boyfriend, who cooked me a wonderful two course dinner accompanied by lots of red wine! I arrived at his quite late as I had been attending shows in London all day for fashion week, I was very tired and had a huge appetite which unfortunately I filled up on bread dipped in balsamic and olive oil before the starter was ready! For the starter Nathan cooked honey roasted figs on a bed of rocket with balsamic glaze and parmesan shavings, which was a delicious combination of sweet and slight bitterness from the rocket and cheese. I'll be making him cook this again for me very soon, maybe tomorrow? 

Moroccan salmon with lemon couscous was cooked for the main course; he marinated the salmon in a mixture of Moroccan spices including aniseed (which I was unaware of), wrapped each piece in foil and placed in the oven. The couscous was very tasty, made up of from a concoction of almonds, onions, herbs and lashings of lemon juice. I'll post a link to the recipes when Nathan eventually sends them to me. Overall It was a lovely evening all thanks to Nathan and his amazing cooking skills, even though we did fall asleep very early slumped over each other and wondering if we had been abducted by aliens.

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