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I have a confession to make.... I have a massive Byron Burger addiction! I've eaten at the gourmet burger restaurant four times over the last three months and each time the burgers taste better and better. The brainchild of burger addict Tom Byng, Byron was created just before the mad burger rush, offering good quality hamburgers that were similar to the ones he dined on in Rhode Island, USA. Byng's simplistic vision of good quality meat hailing from Scotland, paired with a minimum fuss of ingredients and amazing brioche bun; has turned Byron Burger in to a small burger empire, coming to a town near you. There are now approx 36 restaurants in London alone, meaning you are well and truly saved when hunger strikes unexpectedly.

The Shady burger (above)

Creating guests burgers is something Byron does very well and I've tried the latest one The Shady twice already as it's pretty good. American cheese, pickle relish, onion, ketchup and the unusual 'crispy cheese' is a wonderful combination that reminds me of Quavers crisps and cheese on toast. The inspiration behind the burger is drawn from The Shady Glen diner in Connecticut, USA, which is famed for its crispy and gooey cheeseburgers. The Shady will only be available to try until the 10th November.

 Le Smokey

Way back in August I took my mother to experience Byron and I sampled the guest burger Le Smokey (which is no longer available), inspired by 'Paris' burgeoning burger scene'. Avoiding stereotypical French ingredients, the burger focuses on the smokey flavours that they experienced at French burger joints. The burger is topped with smoked chilli BBQ sauce, crispy onions, streaky bacon, smoked cheddar, shredded iceburg lettuce and pickles. It was a little spicy for me, so I ordered my BBQ sauce on the side so I could put a little bit on the burger and dip my fries in to it. But if your a non adventurous type and love your standard burger, then the cheese burger is just as good as any of the guests burgers.

 Strawberries & cream sundae

One of the best things about Byron apart from the food, is the Byron Burger Club. If you sign up, you are notified of the latest three monthly guest burger before the general public and are given the chance to try the new burger for free! However you have to be there at the right time to click the link otherwise the free tickets sell out so quickly: it happened to me when I forgot and clicked the link ten minutes later than the stated time and missed out. Next time nothing will get in the way of a free Byron fix!

If your new to Byron, plan your trip to one of their many locations around the UK this weekend! Experience the burger like you have never before!

Pickle Rating

 Cheese burger

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