Halloween Outfit Bargains

It's fun to dress up in spooky clothes ;)

Darla Halloween plimsols, £17.50 ASOS (sale)

Halloween solstice dress with fringing, £19.50 ASOS (sale)

Babydoll dress, £75 Lazy Oaf x Casper

'F' Halloween socks, £3 ASOS

Ghost tee, £22 Tee & Cake @ Topshop

High neck skeleton bodysuit, £18 Missguided

Say you do too heels, £35 ASOS

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  1. The bat shoes and skeleton socks are MUST HAVES! I love all of these, I've got a few pieces from the Lazy Oaf X Casper collection, I LOVE it. Great picks xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I'm so jealous I really wanted something from the Casper collection, I was waiting until pay day and then the two bits I wanted sold out :(


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