Halloween Horrors!

From Clockwise L-R: Hocus Pocus Halloween Nails, £5.30 Elegant Touch / Furry cat clutch bag, £20 New Look / Kitty socks, £8 Lazy Oaf / Frankenstein's Monster Leggings, £41.17 Black Milk / Phalanges Loafer, £49.73, YRU @ Nasty Gal / Jumper with Frankensteins, £30 ASOS / Spider collar, £30 Topshop / Monster bandage bodycon dress, £29 Topshop / Morticia Lazer Cut Dress, 14,99 Missguided /  

The 31st October marks my favourite day of the year… 

Traditionally known as 'All Hallows' Eve', Halloween originates from the ancient Gaelic people who believed that the boundaries between the living and dead would overlap on the 31st October. The Gaels believed that the spirits would roam the earth causing mischief, sickness and ruining crops.  The ancient Celtic festival Samhain is a celebration of the end of harvest season on the 31st October' where people would leave food and wine outside their doors to keep spirits away and also wear masks to disguise themselves among the spirits.

Nowadays, people don't need an excuse to wear masks to celebrate Halloween, the majority of people (like me!) love to dress up as something scary or wear Halloween inspired everyday wear. Here are some spooky must have items that are on the top of my wish list!

P.S. Poundland is amazing for cheap Halloween stuff!

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