Cheeseburger / Selfridges Forest Restaurant on the Roof

I promised myself I couldn't handle another burger this month and turns out I lied. I headed to Selfridges' Forest on the Roof restaurant a couple days after Christmas to treat my mother to good food and festive sights. 

To reach the restaurant on the roof, an elevator in the perfume department operates for the restaurant only, whizzes you up in seconds to the top of Selfridges. Woodland decor and festive lights greet you on arrival, with a beautiful narrow corridor that sparkles on the short walk to the entrance of the Forest restaurant. It's best to book in advance like we did, as it gets quite busy in a short space of time. 

We were seated near a window, however the skyline view of the city can only be seen when standing. We didn't enter the bar area, however I can imagine the view would have been more accessible as this section was outdoors. For starters we shared the Cornish brie, truffle honey and ancient loaf (£9.50) and ancient loaf with churned butter (£3.50) which was the most simplistic and perfect dish. The bread was beautiful, so soft and pleasant for smothering in the creamy butter. The honey was something else and paired with the warm gooey brie, it tasted so dreamy. Truffle makes everything taste better!

Next up my dry aged cheese burger with butter bun and Russet apple slaw (£15) arrived with a side of truffled chips (£4.50). The dry aged meat of the patty was of good quality, the bun tasted good but the burger overall was rather dull. It lacked a sparkle that the cheese couldn't offer on top of the meat and bun. Maybe the burger was too dry? Or maybe I expected too much from the Forest rooftop restaurant? The Russet apple slaw was ok, but like before nothing special it could have done with some a light dash of sauce. The red sauce on my plate was homemade ketchup that tasted quite like tomato soup, I wasn't a big fan of this but hats off for offering a homemade variety.

The truffled chips were thick cut and crispy, drizzled with truffle oil then topped off with shavings of parmesan. These were delicious but unfortunately I didn't have the appetite to finish them off. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach!

My mum ordered beer battered fish, chips and mushy peas (£15.50) which she adored and I especially loved the beer batter on the fish. We were too full for dessert but i settled on a pumpkin bellini cocktail (£13.50) made from spiced pumpkin syrup, vanilla liquor and sparkling wine.  This was delicious and was quite dangerous as I hardly tasted the alcohol, the spiced pumpkin stole the show.

Overall the dry aged cheeseburger was a disappointment, but if you love dry burgers with little taste other than the good quality meat then this is the burger for you. On the other hand the cornish brie, truffle honey and ancient loaf with churned butter was out of this world and definitely worth visiting to try, along with the pumpkin bellini cocktail and beer battered fish and chips. Our waitress was so lovely, smiley and efficient too.

If you've been to the Forest on the rooftop restaurant, let me know your thoughts!

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