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December has been a big month for me in terms of burgers; I've managed to consume six in total! I seem to think I only manage one burger a month but I usually forget to count anything outside of Burger Club haha! The XXXmas burger at Meat Mission is so far the sixth from the following list: Finch's cheeseburger, Burger Bear's cheeseburger, Lucky Chip's Kevin McCallister burger, Hawksmoor's Christmas burger and Byron's Father cheesemus burger.

The day before Christmas eve, most of my office headed to Meat Mission for burgers and drinks. I was looking forward to trying the Christmas food and drink menu (see images below) as Meat Mission never fails to disappoint! I chose the XXXmas burger (£8.50) - sausage and stuffing patty, roast turkey, crispy bacon, gravy and cranberry sauce. 

Clockwise from top left: XXXmas burger, monkey fingers, fries, buffalo wings, XXXmas burger, chili cheese fries and fried pickles.

As you can see from the image, the XXXmas burger was small but full of festive flavours that I love the most in my Christmas dinner. The turkey wasn't dry and the sausage patty went well with the turkey, but the hints of stuffing is what reminds you most of Christmas. The bacon resembled a crispy brown disc which tasted like ordinary bacon and I preferred it to regular bacon slices. In terms of cranberry sauce and gravy, there wasn't enough for me and would have loved to have added more to dip the whole thing in. Or even a dish of gravy for pouring would have been great.

There was a broad variety of Christmas cocktails on offer, all of which looked amazing! I ordered the 'Yule regret it in the morning' (£7.50) a delicious mix of vodka, amaretto, gingerbread syrup and vanilla shake served in a plastic fast food style cup with a straw. I loved the fact it was served in this style of cup as I could take it back to work and no one knew it was filled with anything but a soft drink!

I would be more than happy to be served the XXXmas burger on Christmas day! However would have liked more cranberry sauce and gravy! The perfect size and easy to eat without making too much of a mess (I know having more sauce and gravy would have made it so much more messy!) Meat Mission have created a lovely Christmas burger, but their Christmas cocktails are exceptional! You also can't beat a Dead Hippy burger!

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