The Christmas Burger / Hawksmoor

Carrying on with the festive food theme, I organised for my Burger Club to attend the Spitalfields branch of Hawksmoor this month to sample 'The Christmas Burger' at the bar section of their restaurant.

I've heard good things about the award winning steak restaurant, but wasn't sure how the 'Christmas burger' (£13) was going to compete with Byron's Father Cheesemus burger. With slices of buttermilk fried turkey balanced on top of a sausage patty made from Ginger Pig Tamworth pork and layered with crispy smoked bacon,  sprout tops, spiced cranberry ketchup and a melting slice of Odleshield cheese, packaged in to a buttery soft brioche bun. To top that all off, turkey gravy is served alongside for dipping or pouring!

This was something special that I thoroughly enjoyed - from the moment the burger arrived to each bite I took, eating the Christmas Burger was a fun experience with wonderful ingredient choices. There was no dryness from the turkey, the crispy bacon contained meat instead of just fat, the cheese was oozy but not overflowing, the spiced ketchup added a hint of flavour but not too overpowering, the brioche bun went well with the Christmas flavours and the gravy finished it all off. Double turkey dunk.

Triple cooked chips & smashed cucumbers

Not forgetting the side dishes, I ordered the 'triple cooked chips' (£4) which came with a lovely lime pickle and I also ordered a side of 'smashed cucumbers' (£3) tossed with garlic and sesame. I expected the cucumbers to be served smashed instead of just chopped up, but it was still delicious.

The cocktail menu is full of unique combinations and I drank the 'Toffee Apple Brew' (£9), a mixture of Augier Cognac, Jameson, apple syrup, citrus and Blush cider. Served foamy with slushed iced, a good companion to a burger as it's refreshing and not too strong.

Hawksmoor is the perfect place for a burger and cocktail, due to the high quality food and care that goes in to making each burger but also the exceptionally friendly staff who accommodated all 20 members of my Burger Club.

I couldn't recommend visiting this restaurant enough, in fact we loved it so much that Hawksmoor won 'Burger of the year'! I will be dropping a certificate off to them, I will update this page with a photo!

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  1. Wow! I've been to the Hawkmoor Seven Dials but never tried a burger. That looks so good! I'd love to go back and try something different (most likely a burger) so thanks for sharing your review. I love your rating system! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. Oh my gosh this looks AMAZING! I'm going to be all over your burger reviews now I've started eating meat again - the temptation was just too much before haha! I'm definitely running towards this place next time I'm near spitalfields x


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