Zara Shift & Aloha Huarache

Dress - Zara / Charity shop
Tights - Primark
Pigeon foot claw necklace - Tessa Metcalfe

Recently I went to a charity shop for a browse, something I haven't done in a couple months and found the most amazing pieces! You never know when you're going to come across something amazing when charity shop hunting and I managed to come back with seven pieces that I adored! (Look out for the post this week!)

This black Zara shift was one of these pieces, which is so easy to wear! It's not often I wear patterned tights, but the houndstooth print adds interest to the plain black dress. I'm so addicted to these trainers and seem to wear them everyday! The Huarache's are light, comfy and easy to run for the train in! I couldn't recommend this style enough.

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