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This place was amazing...

Back in April I had the pleasure of doing two things in one day: meeting fellow blogger Sian from Style With Friends and savouring the deliciousness of Dirty Bones.

Neither things were a disappointment and Sian turned out to be so lovely I felt as if we had met many times before! We spent a lovely day in London visiting two exhibitions and eating burgers at Dirty Bones. Based in Kensington, Dirty Bones offer gourmet American dining and bespoke signature cocktails that taste as good as they look.


The front of the restaurant looks like a fast food shack, but once you open the door red neon lights welcome you downstairs to the dining and bar area. Decked out with a vintage, retro 70's feel, the décor is something else. Tiled blue geometric patterns cover half the restaurant, contrasting against the other half of wood panelling with interesting light fixtures in twisting shapes. Vintage books, toys, super 8mm cameras and other objects add interest to the decor, making Dirty Bones feel homely and welcoming. Almost as if you're sitting down for dinner at a trendy friend's house in the 70's.

The menu features American diner favourites such as hot dogs, fried chicken and burgers. I had the Mac Daddy burger (£10) consisting of 6oz burger topped with pulled beef short rib, mac & cheese and dirty bones BBQ sauce, served with Dirty Bones pickles. The burger was on the small side considering the price was £10 and probably one of the more expensive burgers I've tried so far. The juiciness of the burger worked well with the gooeyness of the mac and cheese, and the tender pulled beef added another level of tastiness.

We shared a portion of Dirty Fries which are skinny fries, chilli cheese sauce, Dirty Bones BBQ sauce and cactus salsa (£5.50). Best fries ever! Crisp cut potato fries, covered in fresh ingredients, that offered a healthy kick with the cactus salsa, I would defiantly recommend trying these fries!

Indulging in cocktails, we chose: Mutt's Nuts, which consisted of Woodford reserve bourbon, cinnamon and vanilla infused maple syrup, angostura bitters, lemon and apple juices. This wasn't my favourite as I'm not used to drinking bourbon, I prefer cocktails that doesn't taste of alcohol! We also had Top Dog which is made up of Finlandia vodka, fresh strawberry, Chambord and lemon, Jeio prosecco. This was my favourite cocktail as I love prosecco and strawberrys!

Just look at these fries! 

To finish everything off we ordered desert. I had the Donutini which is an espresso Martini served with a fresh sugared doughnut. Wow this was incredible! The espresso martini was very strong in taste, something to sip and savour. The doughnut was perfect for dipping in to the cocktail, served warm and fresh. The perfect end to a wonderful day!

The entrance to Dirty Bones

I have to give Dirty Bones a Pickle Rating of 5/5 for the outstanding menu, taste, flavour combinations, cocktails, décor, service and good company! The 3/5 Mess Rating is due to the various toppings piled high on to the burger, oozing and dripping out with every bite. The Mac Daddy burger is worth the mess! 

Pickle rating:

Mess rating:

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