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The breakfast menu at Patty & Bun has always caught my eye when I have visited the fast food style restaurant. Luckily Patty & Bun is located opposite Liverpool St station, so I decided to try the breakfast on my way to work. I eagerly ordered the 'P&B Sausage' (£4) which is made up of a sausage patty, cheese, ketchup, brioche roll and I swapped the egg for green tomato salsa. A side order of cheesy hash browns (£1.50 each) were ordered too as I adore them!

The P&B sausage was as good as it looks, a big rival to McDonald's sausage McMuffin of which McDonald's is literally opposite Patty & Bun! Although it may look like a burger and contain cheese, the sausage patty is suggestive of a familiar breakfast taste and I can imagine that the egg would give this more of a 'breakfast' feel. I didn't realise there would be spice in the P&B Sausage and being someone who is only slightly tolerant to spice, I found it quite overpowering. To be honest I couldn't taste anything else but spice! I thought maybe this was because of the green tomato salsa, but my friend ordered his P&B Bacon with egg (without salsa) which still had plenty of spice. This is something to take note of if you want to try the breakfast. I think next time I will ask for it without the spice, as I can imagine this is quite nice when you can taste it!

The cheesy hash browns are to die for! I bought one which was large and disc shaped, but with plenty of grease. Perfect compliment to the P&B sausage! Watch this space, I will be trying the Patty & Bun breakfast again in the near future but without the heat.

I had to give the Patty & Bun sausage a rating of 2.5 as the heat overpowered the taste. However I will be trying this again without spice and I know that it will get a higher rating! In true P&B style, this is one messy sausage sandwich due to the lashing of yummy cheese and sauce. Have plenty of napkins at the ready!

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