Top Music of 2013

2013 was a good year for music. Many great artists and a few of my favourite bands released new music, providing endless hours of dancing around my bedroom singing in to my hair brush. Here are the top tunes I hummed out loud in 2013. Enjoy!

Blood Orange (above)

The recently released new album 'Cupid Deluxe' from artist and producer Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes, is full of amazing tracks from start to finish. How could you not love his smooth vocals and melodies? Blood Orange's eccentric 80's style and unique dancing, make his music videos an enjoyable watch. Stand out track for me is 'Chosen', beginning and ending with a smooth saxophone. The music video to 'Chamakay' as shown above, is about Blood Orange visiting his mother's home country of Guyana. My father is from Guyana and he hasn't been back for a number of years and I've never had the chance to visit, so it was interesting to see Guyana in the music video. Talking about the music video, Blood Orange said;

"I decided to visit Georgetown, Guyana for the first time, the town where my mother is from. She, herself has not been back for 30 years, 3 years before I was born. I tracked down family members, including my 92 year old grandfather, who I had never met before. In this video you will see our first ever meeting."

First album Coastal Grooves

New album Cupid Deluxe

Daft Punk

The comeback album from the french electronic duo, features disco tracks that melt together with swirls of Pharell Williams' vocals. 'Get Lucky' ft Pharell was one of the songs of the summer, with it's funky beats and cheeky lyrics. 

Mount Kimbie

'You Took Your Time' ft King Krule

After the first time I heard this song, I was instantly addicted to King Krules lyrics and Mount Kimbie's beats. My song of the summer. The music video is a cinematic look at the life of youth and rebellion on a council estate, shot in Essex.

Cold Spring Fault Less Youth album

King Krule

The Mount Kimbie track kick started my love affair with King Krule. Deep tones and lyrics that speak emotion is not what you would expect from him, but appearances can be deceiving. The track 'Octopus' is worth a listen amongst others, and the debut album is out now. I expect great things from King Krule.

White Lies

2013 ended with a bang with the White Lies. I saw them at the Roundhouse on their BIG TV tour in December due to the release of their third album. Michael Kagan's oil paintings feature on the BIG TV album cover and single covers. Recently the album art won Best Art Vinyl 2013 of the year. With each album released, White Lies continue to prove why they are my favourite band. Check them out this year!

BIG TV  album

David Lynch & Lykke Li

Probably the most surprisingly collaboration of the year. Swedish singer Lykke Li's smooth vocals on a David Lynch track was both beautiful and dreamy. Lykke Li can do no wrong.

The Big Dream album

James Blake

Singer-songwriter James Blake dropped his second album 'Overgrown' in 2013 to critical acclaim. Every track is a stand out on the album, but I'm particularly fond of 'Life Round Here'. I've posted the original album version above, as I'm not really a fan of the new version featuring Chance The Rapper. I think he ruins it. Check out the album if you haven't already.

Overgrown album

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Having only recently discovered the band after someone recommending them to me, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are currently my top listen on my iPod. The poetic lyrics and references to Miley Cyrus make 'Highs Boson Blues' one of the most interesting tracks of the year.

Push The Sky Away album

Arctic Monkeys

Being a long time Arctic Monkeys fan, I eagerly awaited the AM album and certainly wasn't disappointed! Each of their albums have a distinctive voice each different from the next. This could possibly be their best yet. Long gone is the love infused riffs of 'Suck It And See', which is replaced in 'AM' with 70s rock meets hip hop inspired tracks about groupies and drugs.

AM album

Is Tropical

Another summer banger with a totally unique and funny video by directors Megaforce. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

I'm Leaving album


'The Weight Of Your Love' marked the fourth album released from The Editors. Moving away from the experimental electronic sounds of 'In This Light And On This Evening', influences such as Echo and The Bunnymen and Depeche Mode are evident within the new album, especially tracks 'A Ton Of Love' and 'The Weight'. A great album from one of my favourite bands.

The Weight Of Your Love album


New girl on the block, singer-songwriter MØ hails from Denmark and creates catchy electro tunes. Her latest track 'XXX 88' ft Diplo features on her upcoming debut album 'No Mythologies To Follow' out 24th February. I was sorely disappointed I missed her at Secret Garden Party!

No Mythologies To Follow


'Drunk In Love' ft Jay Z

Back in full force, her raunchy track reveals the down right dirty sex life between her and husband Jay Z. Catchy tune, but sounds a bit like Rhianna.


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