Winter Wonderland 2013 at Hyde Park

Bavarian Village

Zebra burger

Haunted House

 Talking tree

Polar bears! 

 White Bratwurst sausage

After wanting to go every year, I dragged Nathan down to Hyde Park last week to see what Winter Wonderland is all about. Upon arrival a giant talking tree greeted people entering the wonderland, cracking jokes about 'tree wise men'. I thought that was impressive until I saw the talking mechanical reindeer, who sang Christmas songs! I think we were the only ones laughing so hard, it was definitely the funniest thing of Winter Wonderland! A variety of bars and food stalls make up most of the wonderland, alongside rides and games. I was on the hunt for a German sausage with sauerkraut but unfortunately couldn't find a place that sold sauerkraut! However I do recommend trying a white bratwurst, which has hints of nutmeg in the sausage. Being adventurous, Nathan went to a food stall selling wild meats and had the zebra burger. Very tasty! Not having enough money to go ice skating, we went on the haunted house ride that scared us shitless! A guy dressed in a mask followed behind and kept scaring us!

If you haven't been to Winter Wonderland it's free to get in, so head over there and grab a mulled wine, zebra burger and a bratwurst. Enjoy the Christmas spirit or just get drunk!

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