*GIRL CRUSH* Bat For Lashes

Individual style is something that many people chase but only few people develop. It's not about following trends but reflecting who you are in your clothes and wearing whatever the hell you like, without a care in the world. I have girl crushes on few people who embrace their individuality including Natasha Khan AKA Bat For Lashes.

With a smooth soulful voice and a colourful wardrobe, Bat For Lashes is one girl I have a huuuge style crush on. On stage, her outfits compliment and liven up her shows, such as the rainbow pleated, skirt halter combo. Festival style is something she does with a breeze; at Coachella hints of Pocahontus featured through out the outfit, with her belted dress and tanned headband. Bat For Lashes music videos are equally as aesthetically pleasing as her style, check out her videos below for 'Laura' and 'Lilies', both from her third album 'The Haunted Man'

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