Offbeat Live Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013

Last Saturday evening, Offbeat hosted Offbeat Live featuring Shoreditch Fashion Show, in association with magazine Made In Shoreditch. I popped along to cover the event for Illustrated People and interview a few interesting people along the way. The event was held at Hoxton Docks, an amazing venue full to the brim with illustrators, fashion designers, bloggers and photographers. One of the stand out pieces of art from the night, was the painting of Cara Delevigne by graffiti artist Daniel Mendoza. Still painting throughout the evening, he captured the model of the moment perfectly. Check out the interview with him on the Illustrated Peoples blog on their website.

Daniel Mendoza

Tagen Donovan

Kelly Bromfield

The fashion show featured ten up and coming designers who entered to participate in the weeks approaching the show. Each had to promote themselves on various social media sites and the top ten with the most likes / shares were invited to show on the catwalk. We were at the back and had a poor view, so unfortunately the photos are not the best as I'm very short!

Offbeat organises experiential, experimental and pop up events in London. For more information check out their website.

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