Marshmallow Apothecary, The Robin Collective

Hidden in the corner of Kingly Court of Carnaby Street, a pop up store has sprung up selling the most delectable gourmet marshmallows. With names like The Broken Heart Mender and The Cockney Quick Fix the flavours of these little fluffs of heaven, are like nothing you have ever tasted. The Apothecary theme runs through to the packaging with caution stickers, and assistants who wear white over coats with doctor style name badges. Once you have chosen your marshmallows, you are given a proscription to fill out, where you can add your own fun phrases and words about the person receiving the box, under the 'medical notes'. Cocktails and exotic hot chocolates are also served to enjoy among the soft pink d├ęcor.

It was a hard decision but I ended up picking The Aphrodisiac (rose, ginger, chilli) and The Pick Me Up (chocolate, coffee, raw caffeine) for my boyfriend for Valentine's day, which he loved. The Marshmallow Apothecary is created by Robin Collective who are 'purveyors of curious events and experimental food' and the pop up is open for two weeks until the 23rd February. To find out about the Marshmallow Apothecary and other experimental events and projects, visit their website, Robin Collective.

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