London Fashion Week / Holly Fulton AW 13

Last Sunday, I assisted at the Holly Fulton show through my internship and was lucky enough to be able to watch the show. After seeing people perfecting lighting, testing the sound, adjusting and polishing the catwalk and model rehearsal; watching the final production was a fascinating eye opener, that makes you look at the shows differently. They may be short, but a lot of work goes in to creating a memorable 5 minutes. Each designer's show competes to be the most memorable 5 minutes of the whole fashion week and even of all the global fashion weeks. Therefore every aspect is key to a successful show and the theme should run throughout, with the clothes (obviously) as a basis; lighting, sound, set design, make up, hair, models, ambience etc.

The Holly Fulton show was held at 'ME London', which is a 2 minute walk from Somerset House. The sleek modern design of the hotel gave a good back drop with it's enormous wall-like doors and marble decor. The first thing you notice about the show space, is the jagged 'figure of 8' red catwalk. A large red lighted circle served as the backdrop of the catwalk.

Colour was used to brighten up a multitude of print. Hot pinks livened up sequinned wool coats and mixed with black and white to form geometric printed dresses. Leather jackets featured painted floral designs; the hot pink jacket stood out with its multiple badges which was styled with a matching  pencil skirt. The white and blue floral full length dress was the most beautiful dress from the playful collection. Models were made to look youthful and resembled teenagers, with their black sheer ankle socks and flat shoes. Lips were painted vivid red to match the set and hair was pulled back off the face in messy high buns.

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