Intern Exploitation Continues a Year After Warnings from HM Revenue & Customs

Recently I stumbled across an article from the Telegraph website by Richard Tyler; 'British fashion houses warned over intern exploitation' which states that HM Revenue & Customs are finally cracking down on over 100 British fashion houses, on failure to provide the basic mininum wage for interns who are treated as employees. I felt a sense of relief as being an intern myself, I struggle to find money to gain the necessary experience I need to progress in an industry which so easily exploits it's future work force.

However it was only a while after reading the article I noticed the date it was posted on the Telegraph website: 8th December 2011. Over a year has passed since it was written and the sad truth is, a paid internship is like finding an amazing designer piece in a charity shop. It's a shame so little has been done after the involvement of HM Revenue & Customs but it could be a long slow process that could involve forceful action. Victory will come to us unpaid graduates hit so hard by the recession, but first how much more do we have to go through?

Read Richard Tyler's article on the Telegraph website

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