Heavy Chains

Polo crop top - Topshop
Sheer blouse - Charity shop
Leather trousers - Topshop
Heavy silver chain - the handle to my bag

It's been a while since I've posted an outfit, I've been knackered every night from interning and I barely remember to take photos when I get home! I've hardly been able to afford new clothes so I've had to experiment by layering items to create different looks. I needed a new necklace and I noticed the handle of one of my bags was a heavy silver chain which could fasten together. The handle makes a good neckace and goes with everything, a good mutli-tasking item! The polo crop top I bought in black from Topshop. I already have it in forest green but I would like to eventually obtain all the colours, as it's a great item that can be layered for the colder months and worn on its own in the summer.

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