Black Velvet

Velvet and Mesh Tunic,
Leather Trousers,
Suede Buckled Creepers,
Skull Earrings - All Topshop

Everything I have been wearing recently has been from Topshop and I hate wearing an outfit all from one place! It's because I've been working there and being surrounded by clothes all day makes you day dream about the pieces you're going to buy when you get paid, whilst forgetting about the best place of all... charity shops! I'm embarrassed to say I haven't stepped foot in a charity shop since August!!! I need to sort my life out and head out hunting again. That moment you find something absolutely amazing for really cheap is such a good feeling! Especially when people ask where you bought it from and you only got it for £3! I do love a good bargain. I'm going to start hunting again soon, I'd love to find a fur or sheepskin coat for the winter. The coats on the high street are so expensive, £100 on average for an average looking coat, I might even have to end up making a nice coat from two different ones. I'll keep you updated on my bargain coat hunt!

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  2. i love ur style ! I'm a new fan :)


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