Leather and Satin

Satin Top - Charity shop
Leather hot pants - Charity shop
Belt - Charity shop
Skull ring - Topshop
Creepers - Underground shoes

I wore this out on one of those deceiving days where it looks cold but its actually quite humid. I wouldn't advise wearing leather on a humid day! The satin top came with a sheer shirt of the same colour and is meant to be worn underneath, however I think it looks as good being worn on its own. The shorts were leather trousers which I cut and rolled to make in to hot pants. I found the shirt, shorts and belt in charity shops - my favourite place to shop! I love finding things that have the potential to be transformed in to something new and unique that cannot be found anywhere else. The skull ring I got on sale at Topshop and in fact I applied for a part time job there today so fingers crossed! My creepers are the leopard print double soles which I wear waaaay too much. I'm now on the hunt for a completely new kind of shoe to wear.

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