Green Cord

Shirt - Topshop/ Charity shop
Cord shorts - Levi's/ Charity shop
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Socks - Topshop
Belt - Charity shop

I wore this outfit for the first day of my internship today, which went really well. I'm excited for the new experience ahead of me and keen to learn. The shirt is Topshop but I actually found it in a charity shop for £3! Bargain! The shorts were mens Levi's trousers I found in a charity shop, which I cut up to make hot pants. I've never owned anything cord before, the material is quite flimsy and alot more difficult to keep rolled up compared to denim. I put a few stitches at the sides, but I didn't roll them up enough before hand.The belt is also from a charity shop in the mens section; I love the baggy oversized quality of mens clothing and mixing masculine with feminine touches. I bought the lace socks when I was going through my mustard stage and was obsessed with the colour. I'd love to find some mustard nail varnish, although I may get confused with the real thing!

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  1. THIS OUTFIT IS SO BADASS MY GOD. perfect drape to the shirt and i love love love love your hair :) keep it up gurl!


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