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The best thing about the month of December, is the Christmas burger specials that spring up across most burger joints. Last Christmas Hawksmoor stole my heart with their turkey breasts covered with gravy, but this year I'm giving it away to Patty & Bun, who now wears the festive burger crown.

I headed to their first restaurant on St James St to try the 'A Patty's For Life Not Just For Christmas' burger, consisting of: a buttermilk fried turkey breast, sage and onion stuffing, crispy bacon, brussel sprout & sausage relish, pickled red cabbage, lettuce and mayo on brioche. (£10)

When it arrived, I was faced with a patty bigger than my head! Size doesn't put me off however, as I soon tucked in to messily tasty burger that dripped with flavour with each bite. The buttermilk fried turkey breast was juicy yet not too greasy and the generous portion size over spilled from the edges of my bun. After eating this I realised how good turkey tastes deep fried and this is the secret to a delicious Christmas burger - deep fry the turkey!

The crispy bacon added a subtle salty hit along with the sausage relish and the stuffing offered a festive twang of sage and onion. But what really made this burger amazing were the chunks of brussel sprouts swimming in the relish with the sweet and sourness of the pickled red cabbage (probably my favourite part of Christmas dinner) topped with a brioche bun in typical P&B style.

Overall I loved this burger and would happily eat another one right now, but be warned this is a monster of a burger much larger in size than regular P&B burger. I gave the burger  4/5 pickle rating due to the tender fired turkey, gorgeous red cabbage and portion size. This was a terribly messy burger therefore gaining a mess rating of 5/5.

Unfortunately this burger is no longer available but keep your eyes peeled for next year. Add Patty & Bun to your list of burgers to try in 2017 if you haven't already, it's a good one.

On another note, I've just signed up to Patty's Pals on the Patty & Bun website, offering a free membership card to receive special discounts, offers and invites to events. The card is sent by post and currently they're offering 2 for 1 cocktails all day and night, for max 2 people at their Old Compton St and Redchurch St stores.

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