Top Charity Shop Purchases of 2014

Hunting for bargains is one of my favourite things to do when shopping for clothes. Everytime I go charity shop hunting, I've been lucky enough to find something amazing. Some of the pieces have been featured in outfits this past year and others will be featured in 2015, so keep your eyes peeled. Check out the my top charity shop pieces of 2014! 

Checked Jacket with Shoulder Pads

As soon as I laid eyes on this jacket I knew I had to have it! It may be oversized but I don't care! I think the shoulder pads add character, along with metal buttons. The yellow and black checked print reminds me of the checked two pieces Cher Horowitz wore in 90's film Clueless.

Cream Double Pocket Coat

The cream wool coat was too oversized when I bought it, so I took it somewhere to be taken in to fit me. The double pocket detail and soft vanilla cream colour are standout features.

Lace Dress

Delicate and pretty, this black lace dress is good for layering underneath or over the top of dresses and skirts. The oversized drop waist style makes it a unique addition to an outfit.

 Dogtooth Jacket

This dogtooth jacket was my staple during the Spring and Summer months. There's not much it doesn't go with, I even ventured out with gingham trousers which matched perfectly creating a two piece suit. I do love the granny chic look!

 Holographic & Dogtooth

Chiffon and Beaded Dress

During my visit to Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire this summer, I found this cute New Look dress in a charity shop. It's become my go to dress for when I feel like I have nothing to wear!

Monochrome Betty Jackson Culottes

These amazing culottes are one of my most recent purchases and have worn them nearly everyday for the past two weeks. When I picked them up in the charity shop I thought it was a skirt, until I got home. Nice surprise!

Navy Double Breasted Coat

I have a love / hate thing with this jacket. The deep navy hue is gorgeous, however it's very oversized and I can just about get away with wearing it.

 Oversized Floral Cardigan

This is my most recent purchase, which I'm all snuggled up in now as it's so warm and comfy! It would probably be impossible to fit underneath a coat, so this adorable cardigan will be my lazy home wear.

Sheer Shirt with Faux Leather Panels

I've yet to wear this shirt, but I plan to wear it underneath dresses and sleeveless tops to keep an outfit warm. I think the collar may need jazzing up, with a brooch or collar tips.

Paisley Sheer Midi Dress

I feel like a 70's school teacher in this dress and I love it! The only downside is that I have to wear something underneath it, as it's made from sheer fabric.

Sheer Long Line Shirt

I always buy my shirts from charity shops, as people get rid of unusual pieces with interesting fabrics or prints. I adore my long line shirt and have worn it to death this winter. I would definitely recommend investing in a long line shirt, as it's so versatile and can be styled with practically anything. 

White Pleated Shirt

I'm not sure if it is, but this white shirt reminds me of tuxedo suits due to the pleated detailing. The large pointed collar is perfect for wearing underneath jumpers and dresses.

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  1. You found such great things - I love the oversized coats! Bargain hunting is one of my favourite things to do, though I do most of mine online nowadays :( can't wait to see some of these items styled up in the future :)

    Carmen Ri.

    1. I want to look for more vintage bargains online this year, I only seem to shop in the sales online!

  2. you're really great at finding pieces, i love all of them!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Thank you, it's fun hunting for bits, but you have to have patience!


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