Foodie Recap of 2014

I've had the pleasure of trying some amazing food this year, including attending two food festivals. Maybe food festivals are the new music festivals? Either way I would love to go to the Big Feastival in 2015 which combines food and music all under one festival, created by the lovely Jamie Oliver. (Have you ever been? If so let me know what it's like!)

I also managed to fall in love this year with Byron Burger's tasty grease free burgers, that introduce exciting new flavour combinations every few months. Le Smokey was 100% my favourite, with it's lashing of smokey chilli BBq sauce, melting smoked cheddar, bacon, lettuce pickles and a sprinkling of crispy onion. Arghhhhh!

The pickle rating was introduced for burger reviews so you can get a sense of which ones I really enjoyed, compared to the less desirable offerings.

My only criticism is that I write food reviews but forget to post them. I have quite a few ready to be posted which will get posted in 2015! Watch this space!

In 2015 I plan to spread my burger wings and experience new restaurants, food festivals and dining events.

Click the titles to read the reviews and for more photos of yummy food!

Henry Burgers pickle rating:

The Shady
Le Smokey

Byron Burger pickle rating (all three):

Shake Shack Pickle Rating:

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