Mulberry #WinChristmas Advert

I'm loving all the Christmas adverts that have been released recently. Along with John Lewis' adorable #MontyThePenguin ad (I blogged about last week), Mulberry have produced a great film that captures the spirit of owning on of their handbags. Set in the country home of a middle class family on Christmas morning, each family member competes to #WinChristmas by presenting their extravagant gifts. The young lady opening the gifts, politely thanks each relative as the presents become more extravagant. As her Grandmother rolls her eyes, she presents the young lady finally with her gift. Her reaction is hilarious and would probably be the same of anyone who receives something from Mulberry this Christmas.

The #WinChristmas film proves that Mulberry have nailed their audience this winter and are not afraid to play up to it. Why create extravagant high fashion films like other brands, when they can prove their sense of humour by playing up to the fact that EVERY ONE wants a Mulberry. Although I do have to say, with prices ranging from £495-£1200+ why exactly would you want one? Or maybe that's the point. Mulberry want you to ask for one for Christmas. ;)

Browse the Mulberry perfect gift guide and imagine owning one of these impossibly expensive bags!

Jungle Green Calf Nappa, £495 Mulberry

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